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Compliance FAQ

General company information

See this page for information regarding all the companies and locations in the Simployer-group. 

Please click here for information regarding Simployer and its current majority owner, Ferd. 

And see this page for information regarding the history of Simployer. 

Please see this page for an overview of the solutions and services Simployer delivers. 

For innformation regarding our CEO, Vigleik Takle click here.

This page shows information about Simployers Executive Management.

Compliance and legal

Yes! Please see Simployers Code of Conduct here 

Please see this page for Simployers agreements and annexes, covering Simployer HRM, Learning Library and Expert Help. 

Simployer has a secure Whistleblower-service where you can report information or suspicions about any illegal, unethical or otherwise unwanted activity. 

See this page for the Whistlerblowing-service 

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) information

Please see this page regarding ESG and Simployers latest ESG report. 

Simployer follows the Norwegian Transparancy Act - please see this page for more information and the most recent report regarding Simployers work related to the Transparancy Act.