Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report

Simployer publishes its 2022 ESG report

Simployer is announcing the release of its first Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report for the year 2022. As we embark on this ESG-reporting journey, we recognize the importance of striving for improvement. Our commitment to sustainability is an ongoing endeavor, and we remain committed in our pursuit of continuous progress. 

Within the following pages, we aim to showcase how we are actively making a difference in the workplace. We have implemented a range of initiatives to minimize our environmental impact, promote employee engagement and well-being, foster diversity and inclusion, and uphold corporate governance.

By exploring the report, you will discover the steps we have taken to contribute to a more sustainable future. We are eager to share our accomplishments, challenges, and future goals with you. Together, we can create a meaningful impact and collectively work towards a better tomorrow.

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At Simployer we understand that our role extends beyond developing innovative HR solutions and sharing our expert knowledge. Simployer seeks to make sustainability an integrated part of our business and, through our offerings, make it easier for companies and individuals to succeed in an increasingly international, digital and sustainable world. We also believe in “taking our own medicine” and showcasing how we work to unleash the full potential in our people.
Vigleik Takle CEO

Our Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

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Cornelia Bjørke-Hill
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