Use of cookies for the Simployer Group websites

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is downloaded and stored on the user's computer when the user opens a web page. For example, a cookie is used to store login details, remember items in a shopping cart in an online store or make statistics on how and where users navigate around a website.

Cookies can be useful for both the owner and the user of a website. The website owner can customize the service based on information provided by the cookies. For the user, visits to the website can be perceived as more user-friendly and customized by the usage of cookies.

What do we use cookies for?

We use necessary and functional cookies in order to maintain basic functionality on our websites, such as filling out forms and authenticating users at login to our services.

We use analytical cookies to analyze and create statistics of usage on our websites, such as the number of visitors, which pages are visited the most and how the pages are navigated.

We use cookies for marketing to enable relevant marketing to visitors.

Your consent

You agree to the usage of cookies as long as you do not reserve yourself against such use. Most modern browsers automatically accept cookies by default, but you may choose to change your browser settings so that cookies are not accepted. Some of our services have functionality that requires the use of cookies. Blocking these cookies may cause the service to not function properly.

Read more about how to manage cookies here (Norwegian text).

What cookies do we use?

The following systems may place cookies on your device when you use our digital platforms:

  • Google Analytics: Web Statistics allows us to analyze user behavior to better understand how web pages are used.
  • Google AdWords: Conversion tracking and remarketing used to a) measure conversions and b) show targeted ads based on content you've seen in our digital channels.
  • Facebook: Social buttons, conversion tracking and retargeting used to a) Enable social media interaction b) measure conversions and c) show targeted ads based on content you've read in our channels.
  • LinkedIn: Social Buttons. Used to Enable Social Media Interaction
  • Twitter: Social Buttons. Used to Enable Social Media Interaction
  • HubSpot: web statistics and interest mapping. Used to track users across multiple page views in connection with analytics, marketing and sales.
  • Segment: Usage Data. Used to collect usage data for use in product analytics (See Mixpanel) and be able to customize user experience and communication.
  • Mixpanel: Product Analysis and Product Communication. Used to analyze product behavior patterns to customize user experience and communication and improve the product.
  • Mouseflow: Website analytics
    This website uses Mouseflow: a website analytics tool that provides session replay, heatmaps, funnels, form analytics, feedback surveys, and similar features/functionality. Mouseflow may record your clicks, mouse movements, scrolling, form fills (keystrokes) in non-excluded fields, pages visited and content, time on site, browser, operating system, device type (desktop/tablet/phone), screen resolution, visitor type (first time/returning), referrer, anonymized IP address, location (city/country), language, and similar meta data. Mouseflow does not collect any information on pages where it is not installed, nor does it track or collect information outside your web browser.
    For more information, go to to read about:
  • Auth0: Login and Authentication. Used to authenticate users when signing into our services.
  • HRLogon: login and authentication. Used to authenticate users when signing into our services.
  • Usercentrics Consent Management Platform: This is a consent management platform for collecting and admintesering consents and preferences for processing of personal data and marketing. Usercentrics GmbH is used on the website as a subprocessor for the purpose of such consent management.


We use cookies on all our open websites and other online services where we are the data controller. When you visit our websites, you are tracked anonymously using cookies until you provide contact information in one of our forms or authenticate you at login. When logging or filling out forms, cookies may be linked to your contact information. Our basis for processing personal data about you in this regard is our legitimate interest in providing you with a good user experience on our website. You can read more about how we process your personal data in our Privacy Policy.

For services where we are a data processor, such as in Simployer HRM, we have specific policies for processing personal data and the use of cookies. These are described in the documentation of the individual service.

Changes to the Cookie Statement

We may update and make changes to this Cookie Policy when necessary. You will always find the latest updated version of the cookie policy on our website.