Our history

Our founder was self-employed and realised first-hand how difficult it was to be an employer and comply with ever changing body of laws. The basic idea of ​​making it easier to be a great employer was established from the outset.


The basic idea of ​​making it easier to be a great employer was established from the outset. In 1985 Bjørn Garder founded our company in Sarpsborg, Norway under the name Infotjenester.

He was self-employed and realised first-hand how difficult it was to be an employer and comply with ever changing body of laws, and he wanted to simplify this for other employers. 

Our first product

Simployer's first product was a portfolio with everything you needed to know about the sickness benefits scheme, employment law and the Holiday Act. With updates or changes in the law, subscribers to this service were sent loose sheets to be placed in the portfolio and replace the old one. 

We really hit a nerve here, and the demand for more professional support for employers increased.

Business expansion

The snowball began to roll, and the academic content expanded, the course business started up, and the company joined several strong professional experts who today form an advisory team of 30 in Norway and Sweden.

This gives our customers professional support and the insight they need to make important decisions. 

From paper to digital solutions


Simployer was early in the process of thinking about digital solutions, and as early as the late 1990s, the journey into the digital workday started with the fact that we were the first to supply digital reference works.

Supporting HR

The 2000s are characterised by the start-up and ever-increasing response associated with the development of digital manuals for managers and employees as well as the digitisation of HR processes. Everything was done to support HR's work in managing and developing organisations.

Market leader

Simployer is constantly strengthening its position as a market leader in developing products that make leadership better. We were first on the path of creating quality-assured processes to get sick people back to work, and our customers expect us to be at the forefront of an increasingly demanding job market. 

Scandinavian expansion 

In 2013, the company expanded to the Swedish market. The acquisition of Tholin and Larsson was the start of a number of acquisitions that have made Simployer Scandinavia’s largest supplier of HR software and expertise to the working world. Simployer is now available for both the Swedish and Norwegian markets. 

Name change to Simployer 

In January 2020, we took the step and changed our name from Infotjenester to Simployer to bring all our companies, products and services under one umbrella. 

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Simployer &frankly

Simployer and &frankly share a passion in making it easier for all customers to becoming great employers – with engaged employees.

&frankly is an innovative tool for measuring and driving employee engagement and have since December 2020 been part of Simployer Group.  Joining forces gives our customers the benefit of the more traditional appraisals combined with instant measuring of engagement and direct action points to follow up.

This tool compliments the Simployer offering and gives you as a customer an opportunity to further develop and follow up on employee needs to make sure you maintain a healthy and motivated workforce.

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