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Continuously measure engagement in your team

Track of your team's engagement level over time and get in front of negative trends. Pulse your team regularly to ensure you always have insight into their experience of the workplace.

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Get concrete insights in real time to focus your efforts. Share and discuss results with your team and collaborate on group development. Use our standard metrics to build individual accountability and earn trust as a leader.

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Get started quickly

All in or hands-off? You can choose how and when you send out questions to your team or make use of our powerful automation features. Choose the setup that works best for you.

For everyone in the team

Designed for trust

We believe in the capacity of every individual. &frankly is designed enjoyable and easy to use for everyone. An attractive and innovative interface can build trust and makes it easy to respond.

- We love the flexibility &frankly offers. The fact that we can customize everything and adapt the questions using our own language makes a huge difference for how our employees experience the tool.
Evelina Wallers Business Transformation, Centigo

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