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Create an engaged workplace and drive positive change.

Take the pulse of your organization in real time and drive positive change.

High employee engagement means higher productivity, better customer satisfaction, and less sickness absence. Not only does engagement make the workday more fun and energetic; it also affects sales and results – all the way to the last row. We are here for HR, managers and employees who want to work at an engaging and fun workplace.

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  • Learn what boosts and lowers engagement in your organization
  • Be proactive – take the pulse among employees to measure and understand what key areas might need extra attention among management
  • Get help with measures that can drive engagement and behavior in a desired direction for a positive impact on your culture
  • Gather insights in real time using automated, research-based questions, and compare the results to benchmarks
  • Use pre-designed question packages from Simployer &frankly’s pulse library, or create your own questions for employees into which HR, managers, or executive management want to gain insight
  • Facilitate better leadership through improved understanding of employee needs and expectations

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- Our employees are our most important asset. With &frankly we can track how they feel about our workplace and act if we see it's necessary.
Hanna Lindroth HR Business Partner, Storytel