Simployer Group:

HR software + in-house personal HR knowledge in one solution

Simployer helps businesses make the employee journey a success – by managing, developing and inspiring employees. 

The combination of modern technology and local adaptations allows our customers to spend their time on value-creating HR and management, which means that both the organisation and the workforce can be developed. Simployer supports both operational and strategic HR processes.

Simployer supports and simplifies the working day for managers, HR and employees for over 1.2 million users in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Our story

People first technology

Simployer gives you an intuitive tool that puts the leader in the driver's seat, and makes things simple and relevant for the employee, as well as clear and predictable for HR. This is the result of building an HRM system with human beings at the centre. 

We call it people first technology. 

Keeps your people data safe

With many employees, there is a lot of personal information to keep track of and up to date. GDPR places strict requirements on how companies handle employee information. The Simployer staff register ensures secure storage and role-controlled access, which contributes to high data quality and a good overview for HR.

Simployer HRM system rests on a secure and modern HR master data model. It ensures that the data is securely stored, exchanged under rigorous identity checks and access management, and that it is not changed, lost or destroyed in any unauthorised manner – for any reason.

Simployer as HR technology partner

Practical insights and good decisions

Through our digital response and knowledge service, we make it easy for managers and specialists in HR, payroll, accounting, tax and HSE in making better decisions and strengthening their expertise. We have a large advisory system in Sweden and Norway that ensures quality-assured and updated content is disseminated. 

This makes the path to insight and action as short as possible. 


Ferd holds the majority ownership of Simployer. Ferd is a family-owned Norwegian investment company that focuses on value-creating ownership in companies and financial investments. In addition to its commercial activities, the group has an extensive involvement in social entrepreneurship. Ferd is owned by Johan H. Andresen and his two daughters Katharina and Alexandra.

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