How do we conduct follow-up conversations within Simployer?

In the journey of growth and success, one vital ingredient stands out: feedback. It leads us in the right direction, providing us with security and confirmation on our path.
Eilin GillesenChief People & Culture Officer
Thursday, September 14, 2023
«At Simployer, we wholeheartedly believe that a happy and engaged workforce creates a ripple effect, culminating in happy customers and growth. »

In the past, feedback might have been a fleeting annual event, but we've chosen a different path. We've embraced the power of consistent and meaningful communication with our employees. We engage in feedback loops on a quarterly basis, each loop with its own unique focus. Feedback loops is a one-on- one conversation where we learn more about the aspirations, challenges, and successes. 

What is the main focus for each quarter:  

1st Quarter

Q1 is all about engagement, as we celebrate the journey our employees have taken in the past months. We dive into performances, achievements, and personal growth. Other topics discussed are: collaboration, leadership, personal well-being and company culture. 

2nd Quarter

Then comes Q2, where we focus on growth. We reflect on the accomplishments since our last conversation and identify the current challenges and priorities. We also talk about areas for further personal development and agree on goals for further development. 

3rd Quarter

Q3 is the time for "Simployeeship," where we delve into the essence of each individual’s contribution.  We ask, “What is your most important contribution to a positive culture in Simployer?” 

4th Quarter

Finally, in Q4, we focus on collaboration. We acknowledge that greatness is not achieved alone, but through teamwork. We encourage cross-functional collaboration, where diverse talents blend and innovation flourishes. A question asked is, “What is your contribution to collaboration within your team, and across teams in Simployer?  

HRM tool

We use our own HRM tool as a guide and documentation of this dialogue. Having a digital tool, makes it easier for both leader and employee to follow-up on previous conversations, and to make sure that there is a common understanding of this dialogue. We believe that this is an important step in creating direction, alignment and commitment for goals and priorities towards the next feedback-loop.  

In today's dynamic work-life, we recognize the value of staying connected, and we ensure that no voice goes unheard. By fostering a close dialogue with our employees, we create an environment where opportunities and development thrive. 

We strongly believe that great things are made by great people, and we have made the commitment to simply learn, lead and deliver together as a team. 

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