Data deletion

Types of data stored

The data stored in Simployer varies by module and is described by the processing activities, the storage types and the backup policy.

The Simployer HRM solution provides customers with granulated configuration settings that allows the customer to adjust what data the customer wants to store.

Deletion of data

Simployer will never delete any data belonging to our customers. Deletion of data, and adhering to legal grounds for storing data is the responsibility of the Controller (the Customer), according to the DPA pt. 3.2.

Deletion of personal data

Simployer provides customers with a dedicated data termination client that administrators in the customers tenant can use to delete and/or anonymize personal data and documents connected to their users / employees in order to comply with GDPR requirements.

Deletion upon termination of agreement

The termination of the Terms-of-Use Agreement, and how data should be returned to the Customer is regulated by the DPA pt. 9.

The Customer is upon termination of the Terms-of-Use Agreement entitled to receive their Customer data in return. The way return of Customer data should be handled is governed by the Service Level Agreement (SLA) pt. 6.

Sanitization of data

Data sanitization involves purposely, permanently deleting, or destroying data from a storage device, to ensure it cannot be recovered.

Simployer engages professional hosting partners that ensures that data sanitization is enforced on discarded discs. Simployer does not use tapes for backup media.