Update on Individual questions BETA

10/17/2023 Engagement (&frankly) All

We’ve continued to make updates to the new Individual questions BETA page. Here are some of the recent improvements:
Fixed results being difficult to read when many date/weeks were showing.

  • If the user attribute "Companyname" is added in the Company settings and asked in a survey question, the placeholder {{COMPANYNAME}} will be displayed when looking at the results. This is because employees in same group can each have different "Companyname" values, or even not have one defined. For example, within group “Simployer” there could be employees who have “Companyname” value “Simployer SE” or “Simployer NO”. So while people in the Simployer group are answering the question “{{COMPANYNAME}} is moving in the right direction”, they will either see “Simployer SE is moving in the right direction” or “Simployer NO is moving in the right direction”. However, when looking at group “Simployer” results for this question, we will be showing the placeholder as group members saw different versions of the question.

  • Fixed not being able to scroll down when there are multiple week/date results Work/Life balance question.

  • Fixed some question result charts being truncated.
  • Fixed not being able to compare group results for quick questions.
  • Fixed min/max label for "Meter" question always showing in English, even when another preferred language is selected.

  • Fixed showing previously selected group's response rate when comparing groups, and you selected one group for comparison followed by another.

Other bug fixes

  • Fixed showing "&frankly" instead of actual company name when previewing notification emails in the scheduling flow.
  • Fixed articles linked inside actions leading to the wrong URL.
  • Fixed tooltips not disappearing when hovering over spread results in the Dashboard insights.