New anonymous chat feature

3/1/2024 Engagement (&frankly) All

Encouraging employees to leave comments while answering is a great way to capture sentiments that may be hidden behind a question’s answer. However, understanding and addressing direct textual feedback isn’t always easy. For HR and leaders, there would be a need to ask more about a particular comment to understand it better and discussing it openly can be difficult to get honest feedback initially. Also for employees, they might feel their comments go un-answered and feel discouraged to add comments in the future.

That is why we are introducing a new “Anonymous chat” feature for employees and leaders to talk about the question and their comment anonymously. Leaders and the HR administrator will be able to find out more about a particular comment and clarify the meaning, while employees are given the opportunity to be more frank and initiate an anonymous discussion themselves.

For the HR admin
HR administrators can enable or disable the anonymous chat feature for the entire organization. When enabling the feature, it is mandatory to assign the main HR Admin that will be responsible for following up on any chats addressed to the “HR admin”. It will also be possible to decide if the employee can initiate a chat addressed to their own group owner(Leader), to the HR admin, or both.

For employees
If the anonymous chat feature is enabled in the account, it will show a toggle to initiate an anonymous chat based on the comment they are leaving while answering a particular question. It will be possible to initiate a chat to either the HR admin or one of their direct group owners.

For group owners(Leaders)
Group owners(Leaders) will be able to initiate a chat from a comment left in their direct groups.