Date formats & eNPS question

11/1/2023 Engagement (&frankly) All

Diver date formats when looking at results
There has been several requests in the past around how dates are shown when looking at results. Some have expressed the need to see see "year" info, and others have mentioned that "weeks" are hard to understand depending on the employee's cultural background.
That is why we have added a more diverse date format option you can chose from, according to your preference. You can select your date preference by clicking on the user settings in the top right corner.

Update on the eNPS question
The eNPS question in the &frankly question library has been updated. Even if an employee loves their current employer and the workplace, they might not necessary want to work with a friend. Therefore instead of asking "How likely are you to recommend {{COMPANYNAME}} as an employer to a friend?", it will how ask "How likely are you to recommend {{COMPANYNAME}} as an employer to others?".