Activity Logs

4/29/2024 People Admin System administrators, Person administrators

To improve insights into previous changes and updates to person data we have now released long wished for functionality for activity logs. This feature provides possibility to see which changes were carried out to a person in Simployer and when, during the past 12 months.

The activity logs are available from both the Administration section for system administrators as well as directly on the person page also for person administrators. 

 In the activity logs you will be able to see:

  • When – time and date for when the update was carried out
  • Employee – which person the update was carried out for
  • Changed by – which user who carried out the change (admin, system etc.)
  • Category – if the update was connected to for example personalia, registration of next of kin or electronical addresses etc.
  • Value – specific info about the information that was changed & updated


With this new feature we are providing a better and more structured way of tracking changes carried out to persons within Simployer down to specific employees  - as well as on departmental levels. You will also find it easier to learn what kind of data that actually was changed, by whom and in which context.

This improvement is but one of many upcoming ones focused on helping you save time and work more efficiently in Simployer!

Please note that the activity logs are restricted to showing only data that we are currently logging for changes – and only for active persons in Simployer.