Various bugfix in Simployer HRM

5/21/2024 Personnel, Documents All users

Recently we have been cleaning up a few annoying bugs and errors in addition to minor improvements to remove friction in the user experience. Below you find a short summary.

Fixed missing birthdays for Managers on "Today's" section for employees within subunits

Previously users with manager roles didn't get the popular visual reminder about employees birthdays in "Today's" section even though the system setting was toggled on correctly. 

Enabled downloads of employment contracts from Document module

Recently there has been issues with customers getting an error when trying to download employment contracts from the employment module, even though it works when downloading in the contract module context. 

Decluttering of settings

In order to remove unnecessary complexity and improve user overview of system settings we currently are cleaning up and removing settings not being used. This will be done continuously going forward - but a few ones have already been removed;

  • SendDocumentExpiredMessage - setting for preventing notification to be send when a document has expired.
  • SpecialDayLimitNumberOfPersonsSetting - setting for limiting the number of special days a user/person in the system can have.
  • ProfilePictureVisibilitySetting - setting for restricting the visibility of profile pictures on organizational or departmental levels.