Translation of custom made registers

3/25/2024 People Admin Administrators

In Simployer there are several registers were the customer can create own values, ex extended properties, positions and so on. Now we have released the possibility to translate these values, so the user will be able to read the registers in the same language that is set as user language.

Previously the administrator had to create all values in the different registers in one language, because there were no option to translate this to all user languages. In the latest version, there is released a new page for administrators to translate all custom made registers to other user languages. This means that the users will be able to see the different values in the same languages as they have set as their user language. Like Extended properties: If all values are translated to English, Swedish and Norwegian, the users will see the different values in the language they are using. 

Another example is the position register. If you are using the Contract module, and have created the position register in English, but using Norwegian or Swedish templates for contracts. The administrator can now translate all position titles into Norwegian and Swedish, and when creating new contract, the position will be displayed in relevant language.

This will also be implemented for reports going forward.