Updates in Simployer &frankly


Updates to existing &frankly questions

We have taken into account some feedback and requests we've gotten regarding &frankly library questions. Soon, we will be realing several updates to existing &frankly questions.

(1) Arabic translations for &frankly questions. &frankly library questions will have Arabic translations.

(2) Update to Finnish translations using suffix "mies" for manager.
There has been feedback that several &frankly questions used the suffix "mies" in the Finnish translations, and that in general it's an old-fashioned expression. So several questions will be updated, for example "Would you like to have a one-to-one with your manager?" would be updated from “Haluaisitko jutella kahden kesken esimiehesi kanssa?” to "Haluaisitko jutella kahden kesken esihenkilösi kanssa?" If you have used this question in a previous survey, the updated question phrase will show in past results as well.

(3) Question "How does the collaboration work... ...within the entire company" will be updated to "How does co-operation work ...within the entire organization".

Question "Would you recommend your manager to friends" will be updated to "Would you recommend your manager to others".

Workplace assessment pulse/questions

We will soon release a new "Organizational conditions" pulse. This pulse has been created with the help of Karoline Amundsen Dystebakken, Simployer's legal advisor HR. The questions in this pulse addresses § 4-1 of the Norwegian Working Environment Act, and will be available in all preferred languages(not including Swahili and Arabic)

Also, the "Arbetsmiljö (afs)" which addresses the Swedish AFS 2015:4 ("afs") legislation will be moved to the "Workplace assessment" section in the Pulse library page.