My Simployer & new navigation

12/5/2023 All

In November and December, we will gradually launch a new navigation and a new page called My Simployer. The aim of My Simployer is to give you the most important information you need from our products compiled on one page. The changes in the navigation are made to create a holistic user experience and make it easier to find our products.

My Simployer

My Simployer will be introduced at the end of November and more features will be added as early as 4th of December. My Simployer will receive regular updates and we are planning more new features on the site. The goal is for My Simployer to become the start page for the entire product suite and eventually replace the Simployer Portal for customers who currently have this as their start page. The exact date for when the Simployer Portal will disappear has not been set and for now the Simployer Portal will continue to be the landing page while you can test My Simployer. The person search function will be available as before in the Simployer Portal.

First version of My Simployer is in November and a new version with more widgets will be added in December.


New navigation

Most of the products in the product suite got a new side menu in November. In that menu, you get access to all the functionality found in the products you use. The menu works in the same way in all products. The menu can also be minimized to maximize the workspace.


New header

In addition to the updates in the side menu, we will be launching a new header in many of the products. It will make it easier to navigate between our products and improve the interactions within the entire Simployer suite. We're going to start by adding a product selector and personal settings to the new header. The new header is ready for launch and will be continuously published in the various parts of our product suite.

Header and product selector in the current solution and with a new look that will be launched in December.


The changes to the menus and My Simployer will be implemented in November and December:

  • November 8th: New left navigation - Compensation
  • November 13th: New left navigation - Insights
  • November 15th: New left navigation - Talent
  • November 17th: New left navigation - Engagement
  • November 20th: The first version of My Simployer is launched
  • December 4th: More features are added to My Simployer
  • December 4th - 31st: New header and product selector are launched continuously in most products.