Analytics API now supports SimplAuth

6/10/2024 Personnel System administrators

While API key based authentication will be supported until the end of September 2024, we encourage you to adjust your solution utilizing Analytics API to fetch SimplAuth tokens instead of using API key as soon as possible. Going forward new API keys won't be provided.

Analytics API is a REST API that enables you, as a Simployer customer, to read and analyze your Simployer HRM data. Being able to run these kind of analyses is of course an important part of understanding your business and organization better, get a good overview of important metrics and locate where improvements can be made.

Analytics API implements OData open standard and can be accessed using various third party tools such as Excel and Power BI - in addition to being consumed directly via your internal systems. 

Though we always try to be as swift as possible when you reach out to us one big upside of this switch is that it makes the setup process self serviced when using the Admin Center. 

Click here for information about the possibilities with Analytics API and how you get started!