Improvement of birthday & anniversary notification settings

6/5/2024 Personnel Administrators, Managers

Knowing when your employees birthdays or anniversaries occur is quite important! And with the latest improvement of our birthday & anniversary notification setting we've made sure that you'll never ever miss the right time for congratulations & celebrations again 🥳.

Previously the setting for choosing how long time prior to a birthday or anniversary the notification should be sent was an open value type of choice. On a yearly, monthly or daily basis one could choose any custom value deemed suitable. While freedom of choice in general is a good thing, this led to trouble. For example when choosing weekly notifications 5 days prior to a birthday (a reasonable choice one might think) it would result in the setting providing users with a list of upcoming birthdays 5 days into the future, skipping birthdays occurring on Saturdays and Sundays.

While many notifications might be better than no notifications it can also be tiresome to get them too often, no matter how important it is to give the employees some extra attention. With this in mind we've simplified things.

From now on the options have been adjusted to:

  • Daily, 1 or 2 days ahead.
  • Weekly, 0, 7 or 14 days ahead
  • Monthly, 0, 30 and 60 days ahead. 



Since many have entered custom values earlier on we've also converted them to fit in with the new options:

  • Daily, for those with 0 days ahead 0 has been kept. Values bigger than 0 have been converted to 1
  • Weekly, for those 0 days ahead 0 has been kept. Values between 1-7 have been converted to 7. Values over 7 have been converted to 14. 
  • Monthly, for those with 0 days ahead 0 has been kept. Values between 1-30 have been converted to 30. Values over 30 have been converted to 60.