Simployer HRM Release Notes

We are constantly working on improvements and updates so that you and your business can get the most out of Simployer. Continuous news and updates of a certain size and relevance, also called release notes, are published here. System administrators in Simployer are notified in the system regarding relevant news and updates.

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Administration for Contracts in fullscreen mode

7/9/2024 Employment Contracts Administrators Permalink

Fullscreen mode for templates editor

This release contains a fullscreen mode for templates editor. This will give the editors with smaller screens more space when working in templates, and also help to create more focused space. To use the fullscreen mode simply press the 'Fullscreen' button above the editor, and to exit press it again.


Notification to nearest manager when document expires

7/3/2024 People Admin Administrators Permalink

Notification to nearest manager when document expires

When a document expires, the user that has uploaded the document, will be notified. Previously we have added a setting, that makes it possible to notify the document administrator as well. After the latest update, the setting will also include a notification to the nearest manager when the document expires.


New Individual questions page

6/26/2024 Engagement (&frankly) Permalink

What's new in the Individual questions BETA page?

In the Results > Individual questions page, you can see the question results with updated chart styles alongside new additional improved features. Here is the list of the major improvements in the new page.

1) An updated filter

The Individual questions page has a new look. The Beta page will use the same top filters as the Segments and Heatmap page to select groups, pulse/questions and dates. You can now be more precise on how many results you want to see for a question, or how far back you want to go.

2) Improved handling of empty/blank statements

Empty or blank statements in comments and Free-text answers will be filtered out to ensure the quality of results.

3) Updated question results charts

The question results will be shown in the same updated chart styles as in the Dashboard. Here are some examples:

Additionally for Binary and Binary picture questions, the results will now be shown per week/date.


4) See question results from other pulses

If a question was included and scheduled in multiple pulses, it will be possible to see results from different pulses inside one question result. Turn on the “Results from other pulses”, and it will show that question’s result from other pulses within the filtered date range.


5) Updated integrity modal

We've updated the modal explaining why results are hidden. It now contains more details why a certain group's results are hidden, such as which groups it's too similar to in comparison.


What's next?

There are some features that we hope to improve still in the new page, such as filtering the results on user attributes and being able to see your own answers. So until we can ensure the new page can fully replace the previous page, both the new Individual questions page and the previous version will be available to you. 

Possibility for deleting Competence attachments in Document module

6/17/2024 Competence & Talent Administrators, Document Administrators Permalink

A minor, but nonetheless annoying, inconvenience has been solved meaning it's now possible to delete competence documents related to competences that no longer exists or documents that aren't linked to a competence.  

This has, for example, been an issue restricting removal of documents and competences during offboarding of former employees - but should now work a bit smoother. 

Analytics API now supports SimplAuth

6/10/2024 People Admin System administrators Permalink

While API key based authentication will be supported until the end of September 2024, we encourage you to adjust your solution utilizing Analytics API to fetch SimplAuth tokens instead of using API key as soon as possible. Going forward new API keys won't be provided.

Analytics API is a REST API that enables you, as a Simployer customer, to read and analyze your Simployer HRM data. Being able to run these kind of analyses is of course an important part of understanding your business and organization better, get a good overview of important metrics and locate where improvements can be made.

Analytics API implements OData open standard and can be accessed using various third party tools such as Excel and Power BI - in addition to being consumed directly via your internal systems. 

Though we always try to be as swift as possible when you reach out to us one big upside of this switch is that it makes the setup process self serviced when using the Admin Center. 

Click here for information about the possibilities with Analytics API and how you get started!


Improvement of birthday & anniversary notification settings

6/5/2024 People Admin Administrators, Managers Permalink

Knowing when your employees birthdays or anniversaries occur is quite important! And with the latest improvement of our birthday & anniversary notification setting we've made sure that you'll never ever miss the right time for congratulations & celebrations again 🥳.

Previously the setting for choosing how long time prior to a birthday or anniversary the notification should be sent was an open value type of choice. On a yearly, monthly or daily basis one could choose any custom value deemed suitable. While freedom of choice in general is a good thing, this led to trouble. For example when choosing weekly notifications 5 days prior to a birthday (a reasonable choice one might think) it would result in the setting providing users with a list of upcoming birthdays 5 days into the future, skipping birthdays occurring on Saturdays and Sundays.

While many notifications might be better than no notifications it can also be tiresome to get them too often, no matter how important it is to give the employees some extra attention. With this in mind we've simplified things.

From now on the options have been adjusted to:

  • Daily, 1 or 2 days ahead.
  • Weekly, 0, 7 or 14 days ahead
  • Monthly, 0, 30 and 60 days ahead. 



Since many have entered custom values earlier on we've also converted them to fit in with the new options:

  • Daily, for those with 0 days ahead 0 has been kept. Values bigger than 0 have been converted to 1
  • Weekly, for those 0 days ahead 0 has been kept. Values between 1-7 have been converted to 7. Values over 7 have been converted to 14. 
  • Monthly, for those with 0 days ahead 0 has been kept. Values between 1-30 have been converted to 30. Values over 30 have been converted to 60. 



Document administrator gets access to remove protection

5/30/2024 People Admin Administrators Permalink

Document administrator gets access to remove protection

Previously, it has only been possible for the employee that uploaded the document to remove the protection from the document. Except if this person has been deactivated, then the document administrator can remove it.

This has been challenging in scenarios like when the employee is on a long-term absence and so on, then no one can remove the protection.

We have now added the possibility for the document administrator to remove the protection. This will make the process more flexible, if there are cases where the employee that protected the document is unavailable.

Updated templates for on/offboarding in English

5/22/2024 Processes Administrators Permalink

Updated templates for on/offboarding in English

The Norwegian templates for on/off boarding are now updated and published in English. If needed, administrators can do adjustments in the templates to follow internal routines.


Updated templates for Contracts

5/21/2024 People Admin Administrators Permalink

Updated templates for Norwegian contracts

The 1th of July, new regulations will be implemented for employment contracts in Norway.

We have now released an updated version of the templates for full time and temporary employment. The updated templates are available for you to import in the Contract module.

If you need more information about the new regulations, or help to adjust your contracts, please contact us at!

Various bugfix in Simployer HRM

5/21/2024 All modules All users Permalink

Recently we have been cleaning up a few annoying bugs and errors in addition to minor improvements to remove friction in the user experience. Below you find a short summary.

Fixed missing birthdays for Managers on "Today's" section for employees within subunits

Previously users with manager roles didn't get the popular visual reminder about employees birthdays in "Today's" section even though the system setting was toggled on correctly. 

Enabled downloads of employment contracts from Document module

Recently there has been issues with customers getting an error when trying to download employment contracts from the employment module, even though it works when downloading in the contract module context. 

Decluttering of settings

In order to remove unnecessary complexity and improve user overview of system settings we currently are cleaning up and removing settings not being used. This will be done continuously going forward - but a few ones have already been removed;

  • SendDocumentExpiredMessage - setting for preventing notification to be send when a document has expired.
  • SpecialDayLimitNumberOfPersonsSetting - setting for limiting the number of special days a user/person in the system can have.
  • ProfilePictureVisibilitySetting - setting for restricting the visibility of profile pictures on organizational or departmental levels. 

More user fields supported in Talent-sync

5/21/2024 Competence & Talent All Permalink

The fields 'EmployeeNumber', 'StartDate' and 'Gender' is added to the sync between Simployer Portal and Talent. This means that if these fields are updated in Simployer, it will automatically update for the user in Talent. 

NOTE: An initial sync is required to get these 3 fields synced for all existing users (contact support if this is required).

User Import Functionality in Handbooks

5/16/2024 Handbooks Administrators Permalink

We are excited to announce a small but very important update to Handbooks that we believe will significantly improve your experience. We understand that adding users manually can be a time-consuming task, so we’ve introduced a new feature to make this process easier for you.

From now on, you can import users to Handbooks directly from files! Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to the Users section in the Administration module.
  2. Click on "Create."
  3. Select "Import Users."

Talent integrations - Enhanced security

5/15/2024 Competence & Talent All Permalink

The Talent Public API has until now only had basic authentication (with username and password). To enhance security and meet audit requirements, customers can now opt to enable mutual authentication for their API in addition to the existing basic authentication.

Contact us for more information if you want to start use the new authentication method in your integration.

Read more: Overview of mutual authentication on Azure Application Gateway | Microsoft Learn

Activity Logs

4/29/2024 System administrators, Person administrators Permalink

To improve insights into previous changes and updates to person data we have now released long wished for functionality for activity logs. This feature provides possibility to see which changes were carried out to a person in Simployer and when, during the past 12 months.

The activity logs are available from both the Administration section for system administrators as well as directly on the person page also for person administrators. 

 In the activity logs you will be able to see:

  • When – time and date for when the update was carried out
  • Employee – which person the update was carried out for
  • Changed by – which user who carried out the change (admin, system etc.)
  • Category – if the update was connected to for example personalia, registration of next of kin or electronical addresses etc.
  • Value – specific info about the information that was changed & updated


With this new feature we are providing a better and more structured way of tracking changes carried out to persons within Simployer down to specific employees  - as well as on departmental levels. You will also find it easier to learn what kind of data that actually was changed, by whom and in which context.

This improvement is but one of many upcoming ones focused on helping you save time and work more efficiently in Simployer!

Please note that the activity logs are restricted to showing only data that we are currently logging for changes – and only for active persons in Simployer. 



New filter in Insight

4/25/2024 People Admin Administrators Permalink

A new filter is added to Insight. The filter allows you to choose if you want to display or hide deactivated departments. This will be useful to filter for if there has been reorganizations or updates in the organization structure where units have been deactivated.


Changes in an ongoing Salary Review

4/25/2024 Compensation Administrators Permalink

When creating a salary review, relevant units and employees are added to the selection. A salary review can be ongoing for a longer period, and changes may happen in the organization - like employees get new positions or manager. Previously the selection of employees in the ongoing salary review, has not been updated after an employee has gotten a new position or manager. 

To make sure the manager doing the salary review is informed about the latest changes, we will now add information in the salary review if there has been any changes. When changing affiliation, position or manager, the employee will still be part of the original department he/she belonged to when the salary review actually started. The manager will get information about the change:


Translation of custom made registers

3/25/2024 People Admin Administrators Permalink

In Simployer there are several registers were the customer can create own values, ex extended properties, positions and so on. Now we have released the possibility to translate these values, so the user will be able to read the registers in the same language that is set as user language.

Previously the administrator had to create all values in the different registers in one language, because there were no option to translate this to all user languages. In the latest version, there is released a new page for administrators to translate all custom made registers to other user languages. This means that the users will be able to see the different values in the same languages as they have set as their user language. Like Extended properties: If all values are translated to English, Swedish and Norwegian, the users will see the different values in the language they are using. 

Another example is the position register. If you are using the Contract module, and have created the position register in English, but using Norwegian or Swedish templates for contracts. The administrator can now translate all position titles into Norwegian and Swedish, and when creating new contract, the position will be displayed in relevant language.

This will also be implemented for reports going forward.

February 2024 release note

3/19/2024 Engagement (&frankly) All Permalink

1.Differenciating copied pulses from the original
There’s been several feedback that finding a copied pulse is confusing. Now, when a pulse is copied, it will add “(Copy)” at the end of the pulse name, and show the copied pulse name in the pop-up afterwards with the message “Your pulse has been copied successfully as "{{name}}".”

2.Remove old date/time settings on questions
This has caused some confusion as the previous date/setting per question isn’t taken into account when scheduling a pulse anymore, and yet it was shown in the pulse details. We will be removing it, and the date and time of when the questions in a pulse survey will be Open or Closed will continue to be set when scheduling a pulse.

3.Sorting by pulse name or date in the scheduling list view
Within each Live/Upcoming/Past section, it will be possible to sort schedules by the Pulse name or by the Date in either ascending/descending order.

4.Seeing historic results in the engagement board
It will now be possible to select a past date to look at previous results in the area chart and line chart in the Engagement board.

5.Selecting a custom background color for custom questions
There’s been several requests around allowing custom colors for questions so that admins and managers could chose a color that fits their brand. As a first step, we will make it possible to pick a custom background color when creating a custom questions. While editing the color for &frankly or “locked” questions is still not possible, hopefully this improvement can allow our customers more flexibility.

New anonymous chat feature

3/1/2024 Engagement (&frankly) All Permalink

Encouraging employees to leave comments while answering is a great way to capture sentiments that may be hidden behind a question’s answer. However, understanding and addressing direct textual feedback isn’t always easy. For HR and leaders, there would be a need to ask more about a particular comment to understand it better and discussing it openly can be difficult to get honest feedback initially. Also for employees, they might feel their comments go un-answered and feel discouraged to add comments in the future.

That is why we are introducing a new “Anonymous chat” feature for employees and leaders to talk about the question and their comment anonymously. Leaders and the HR administrator will be able to find out more about a particular comment and clarify the meaning, while employees are given the opportunity to be more frank and initiate an anonymous discussion themselves.

For the HR admin
HR administrators can enable or disable the anonymous chat feature for the entire organization. When enabling the feature, it is mandatory to assign the main HR Admin that will be responsible for following up on any chats addressed to the “HR admin”. It will also be possible to decide if the employee can initiate a chat addressed to their own group owner(Leader), to the HR admin, or both.

For employees
If the anonymous chat feature is enabled in the account, it will show a toggle to initiate an anonymous chat based on the comment they are leaving while answering a particular question. It will be possible to initiate a chat to either the HR admin or one of their direct group owners.

For group owners(Leaders)
Group owners(Leaders) will be able to initiate a chat from a comment left in their direct groups.

Updates in Simployer &frankly

12/12/2023 Engagement (&frankly) Permalink

Updates to existing &frankly questions

We have taken into account some feedback and requests we've gotten regarding &frankly library questions. Soon, we will be realing several updates to existing &frankly questions.

(1) Arabic translations for &frankly questions. &frankly library questions will have Arabic translations.

(2) Update to Finnish translations using suffix "mies" for manager.
There has been feedback that several &frankly questions used the suffix "mies" in the Finnish translations, and that in general it's an old-fashioned expression. So several questions will be updated, for example "Would you like to have a one-to-one with your manager?" would be updated from “Haluaisitko jutella kahden kesken esimiehesi kanssa?” to "Haluaisitko jutella kahden kesken esihenkilösi kanssa?" If you have used this question in a previous survey, the updated question phrase will show in past results as well.

(3) Question "How does the collaboration work... ...within the entire company" will be updated to "How does co-operation work ...within the entire organization".

Question "Would you recommend your manager to friends" will be updated to "Would you recommend your manager to others".

Workplace assessment pulse/questions

We will soon release a new "Organizational conditions" pulse. This pulse has been created with the help of Karoline Amundsen Dystebakken, Simployer's legal advisor HR. The questions in this pulse addresses § 4-1 of the Norwegian Working Environment Act, and will be available in all preferred languages(not including Swahili and Arabic)

Also, the "Arbetsmiljö (afs)" which addresses the Swedish AFS 2015:4 ("afs") legislation will be moved to the "Workplace assessment" section in the Pulse library page.

News! Diversity dashboard in Simployer Insights

12/6/2023 People Admin Permalink

We are launching a new dashboard in Simployer insight, which will give you an overview of the diversity in your organisation!

The dashboard consists of the following data:

  • Gender distribution
  • Age distribution
  • Turnover by gender
  • Personnel categories divided by gender
  • Employment percentage by gender
  • Appointments and dismissals broken down by gender
  • Managers divided by gender
  • Absence divided by gender (Parental leave, own illness and child's illness)

My Simployer & new navigation

12/5/2023 All modules All Permalink

In November and December, we will gradually launch a new navigation and a new page called My Simployer. The aim of My Simployer is to give you the most important information you need from our products compiled on one page. The changes in the navigation are made to create a holistic user experience and make it easier to find our products.

My Simployer

My Simployer will be introduced at the end of November and more features will be added as early as 4th of December. My Simployer will receive regular updates and we are planning more new features on the site. The goal is for My Simployer to become the start page for the entire product suite and eventually replace the Simployer Portal for customers who currently have this as their start page. The exact date for when the Simployer Portal will disappear has not been set and for now the Simployer Portal will continue to be the landing page while you can test My Simployer. The person search function will be available as before in the Simployer Portal.

First version of My Simployer is in November and a new version with more widgets will be added in December.


New navigation

Most of the products in the product suite got a new side menu in November. In that menu, you get access to all the functionality found in the products you use. The menu works in the same way in all products. The menu can also be minimized to maximize the workspace.


New header

In addition to the updates in the side menu, we will be launching a new header in many of the products. It will make it easier to navigate between our products and improve the interactions within the entire Simployer suite. We're going to start by adding a product selector and personal settings to the new header. The new header is ready for launch and will be continuously published in the various parts of our product suite.

Header and product selector in the current solution and with a new look that will be launched in December.


The changes to the menus and My Simployer will be implemented in November and December:

  • November 8th: New left navigation - Compensation
  • November 13th: New left navigation - Insights
  • November 15th: New left navigation - Talent
  • November 17th: New left navigation - Engagement
  • November 20th: The first version of My Simployer is launched
  • December 4th: More features are added to My Simployer
  • December 4th - 31st: New header and product selector are launched continuously in most products.

Updated access for managers in the contract module

11/23/2023 Employment Contracts Permalink

When creating a new employment contract, the manager has access and receives notifications of the progress, is default signee and is displayed as manager in the contract details view.

Until now, we have used the manager of the person for whom the contract is created. We have now changed to using the manager of the department to which the position belongs.
In most cases it is the same person, but the change will make it more accurate in case of internal recruitment to another department or in cases where a person belongs to more than one department.

In addition we have removed the notification that a contract has been created to avoid too many emails.

Different date formats when viewing results

11/2/2023 Engagement (&frankly) All Permalink

There have been several requests about how dates are displayed when viewing results.

Some have expressed a need to see "year" info, and others have mentioned that "weeks" are difficult to understand depending on the employee's cultural background. That's why we've added a more varied date format option for you to choose from, according to your preferences. You can choose your date preference by clicking on the user settings at the top right.

See image in a new window

Date formats & eNPS question

11/1/2023 All Permalink

Diver date formats when looking at results
There has been several requests in the past around how dates are shown when looking at results. Some have expressed the need to see see "year" info, and others have mentioned that "weeks" are hard to understand depending on the employee's cultural background.
That is why we have added a more diverse date format option you can chose from, according to your preference. You can select your date preference by clicking on the user settings in the top right corner.

Update on the eNPS question
The eNPS question in the &frankly question library has been updated. Even if an employee loves their current employer and the workplace, they might not necessary want to work with a friend. Therefore instead of asking "How likely are you to recommend {{COMPANYNAME}} as an employer to a friend?", it will how ask "How likely are you to recommend {{COMPANYNAME}} as an employer to others?".

Updates to Simployer Employment Contracts

10/17/2023 Employment Contracts Permalink

The Simployer Employment Contracts module has been updated and includes a new function to import standard templates and an update to the design of the template pages.

Import standard templates into your own site

You can now import our standard templates directly into your Employment Contracts module. The template is available to simplify and establish faster, and so that we can help with recommendations for what should be included in a contracts template.

When you are on the page for templates, you will find an import button in the top right corner. A new window opens where you can choose which template you want to import. Click next to choose settings for this template.

Once the template has been imported, it is owned by you and you can make the changes you want.

Consider that text and fields may need updating to match your company and agreements.


Updated design of the template pages

The pages for templates have been updated with a new design and you can find all the details for the template by clicking on the template name.

You can browse between different pages and find a pen in the upper right corner to make any changes to the different templates.

In the list view for the templates you will now find a new column for countries. Fields are not mandatory, but are intended to simplify the process when you have templates in the same language but for different countries.

Update on Individual questions BETA

10/17/2023 All Permalink

We’ve continued to make updates to the new Individual questions BETA page. Here are some of the recent improvements:
Fixed results being difficult to read when many date/weeks were showing.

  • If the user attribute "Companyname" is added in the Company settings and asked in a survey question, the placeholder {{COMPANYNAME}} will be displayed when looking at the results. This is because employees in same group can each have different "Companyname" values, or even not have one defined. For example, within group “Simployer” there could be employees who have “Companyname” value “Simployer SE” or “Simployer NO”. So while people in the Simployer group are answering the question “{{COMPANYNAME}} is moving in the right direction”, they will either see “Simployer SE is moving in the right direction” or “Simployer NO is moving in the right direction”. However, when looking at group “Simployer” results for this question, we will be showing the placeholder as group members saw different versions of the question.

  • Fixed not being able to scroll down when there are multiple week/date results Work/Life balance question.

  • Fixed some question result charts being truncated.
  • Fixed not being able to compare group results for quick questions.
  • Fixed min/max label for "Meter" question always showing in English, even when another preferred language is selected.

  • Fixed showing previously selected group's response rate when comparing groups, and you selected one group for comparison followed by another.

Other bug fixes

  • Fixed showing "&frankly" instead of actual company name when previewing notification emails in the scheduling flow.
  • Fixed articles linked inside actions leading to the wrong URL.
  • Fixed tooltips not disappearing when hovering over spread results in the Dashboard insights.