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GDPR and privacy

Simployer is built on principles stated in the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"), and it was done so even before GDPR were enforced in the EU. We have a 22 year history with our customers that trusts us to protect their data, and we work hard every day to keep that trust and to keep all data secured.

We follow strict internal routines for both security and privacy and the principles set out by the Data Protection Authorities in the markets we operate in, so that data will never be available to anyone but the rightful owners and users. This way, we enable our customers to fulfill their GDPR requirements. 

Simployer has a in-house legal team with expertise in privacy and they also educate our customers within the area of privacy in the workplace. The same legal experts participate in developing Simployer HRM so that Simployer always has privacy by design as a fundamental principle. 

Simployer creates systems that ensure personal data not is compromised. We also follow the principles below when developing and providing Simployer:

Limited access

Simployer can not gain access to customer data or documents without the customers's administrator granting access (time-limited access). 
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No mix

Simployer always ensures that your data is stored separately from shared customer services, and separate from other customers. 
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Data portability

Customer data belongs to the customer. Customers can delete or export their data at any time. 
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Adaptation to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Simployer meets the requirements under the regulation.
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Audit of Simployer as a Data Processor

Simployer is audited regularly by a professional 3rd party auditor, currently PricewaterhouseCoopers ("PWC").
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