Retain competent employees and attract new talent

Attracting skilled people is more difficult than ever before. It doesn’t just involve finding new employees, but also getting them to stay. More often than not, the softer values are those which play a crucial role in an employee's choice between different employers. Simployer &frankly makes it simple for you to work on your attractiveness with your existing employees and turn them into strong ambassadors for your company.


- Our people are our most important asset

A big priority at the growth company Storytel is to continuously understand the energy leves and experience of the workplace to make sure employees are happy and recommend Storytel to others.

From insight to action!

Simployer &frankly is a flexible tool that lets you understand how the employees perceive your workplace.

Track your attractiveness

Simployer &frankly enables you to monitor your employees’ perception of you as an employer both in real time and over time, and take action when the trend is pointing in the wrong direction.

Gain in-depth understanding

Ask in-depth questions so that the employees can describe themselves how they perceive you as an employer. Use insights to attract new talents and retain existing employees.

Trigger behaviour

Each individual contributes to you becoming a dream employer. Action questions enable you to trigger the behaviour you want to see more of in each individual.

Gain the insights you need

Take the pulse of the organization

Obtaining insights from the organization on a continuous basis enables you to better understand the employees’ perception and detect any challenges there might be, ensuring that you are on the right track.

  • Insights in real time
  • Trigger behavioral change
  • Track changes over time

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  • 200 starting questions based on the seven drivers of employee engagement
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