Your company culture is unique

Your values are expressed in the workplace culture. Your company culture impacts results and employee well-being. Nurture your company culture every day to make a positive impact on employees.

Cartina AB

At Cartina, company culture is the core of employee engagement

The management company Cartina has grown from ten to sixty employees in two years. &frankly ensures that their values are made tangible and continuously developed as the company grows.

From insights to action!

Simployer &frankly is an effective and flexible tool for building company culture by making your values tangible.

Track culture in real time

Create questions to improve your understanding of how your values impact employee behavour and well-being.

Deep dive into employee perception

Create in-depth question sets to uncover employee perceptions. Discuss results and enact change.

Trigger behavioral change

Actionable questions allow you to encourage desirable behaviors. Follow up your results with context.

Sit in the driver's seat

How do your employees feel about the workplace?

Collecting insights on an ongoing basis enables you to better understand employee needs and perceptions so that you can address feedback before it is too late.

  • Obtain insights to act in real time
  • Trigger behavioral change
  • Measure changes over time


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