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Everyone should be able to work with engagement

At Simployer we're passionate about engagement - and we want everyone to be able to work with this important issue regardless of their level of knowledge or availability.

We have developed a number of functions based on our very-own engagement model to make working with engagement as simple as possible - whether you are responsible for a large organization or a smaller team, are a beginner or an engagement expert!

Simployer &frankly's engagement model

At the core of Simployer &frankly is our engagement model, which was developed based on modern research. The model captures the 7 drivers that impact engagement at work the most.


A flexible solution

Ready-made pulses for the 7 drivers

Our ready-made pulses give you an understanding of how your employees are doing with each driver. Use our diagnostic pulse to get an idea of which drivers affect your team most and then immerse yourself into one of them with our in-depth pulses. You choose when to send pulses - pick a frequency that suits your team or organization. All insights are delivered in real time. 

Good for you who:

  • Wants to use validated questions that measure every driver
  • Wants to immerse yourself within the driver(s) that have most potential for improvement
  • Wants control over when pulses are sent

Ready with one click

Automate engagement

Our programs provide you with ready-made pulses that collect insights from employees around each driver. When you activate a program, pulses are sent automatically and you will be notified when new insights are available.

Best suited for you who:

  • Wants to get support from a best practice set-up regarding questions and frequency
  • Wants to prioritize engagement but do not have time to customize your own layout
  • Wants to sit back and automatically get insights straight to your inbox

Measure trends over time

Get engagement KPIs

If you use any of our standard pulses or programs, you always get a KPI around engagement and/or every driver depending on which layout you have chosen.

Good for you who:

  • Wants to measure trends over time
  • Wants to get a specific figure on how much engagement you have in your team or organization
  • Wants a KPI to correlate with other business data

You can also tailor your set up

You can also create your very own layout in Simployer &frankly. Many start with our standard functions and gradually begin to create their own pulses and KPIs when they have gained more insight into what their organization needs. That said, we support both beginners and those who have already worked with engagement for a long time.

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