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How to Create Engagement at Work

Six companies on employee engagement, trends in the workplace, and tips on how to create a thriving and wellbeing work environment.

"What is the true secret behind high employee engagement?" 

We asked some of our customers this question:

  • At Rituals, culture is felt in the heart
  • For Dustin, it's about development and sustainability.
  • Involvement and participation is key for the company Knowit.
  • Telenor invests in anchoring and creating relevance.
  • For Öresundskraft, purpose and dialogue is central.
  • At Swedbank, everyone's voice is listened to.


In this guide you can read about:

  • How 6 different companies work with employee engagement
  • What is eNPS and how can it be measured in your organization?
  • How to become a better leader - according to employees
  • The psychologist's best advice for a prosperous workplace
  • Trends in the workplace

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