Simployer as an employer

Our focus is on our employees. We believe that employees that thrives and developes at work, also succeed in their work.

Inspirational office spaces

A business based on ideas depend on employees stimulated to think outside the box. By using shapes, colours and art in our work spaces we want to contribute to inspire our employees at work.

Our offices are located in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Poland, and we are approximately 350 employees in the company. The Simployer Group headquarters is situated in modern premises in Sarpsborg and share location with Simployer AS. We also have modern and delicate office spaces centrally located Oslo and Kristiansund.

In Sweden we are located in light, modern office spaces both in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Our Copenhagen office is situated in a very modern co-working office space. In Gdansk our modern and inspirational office space invites to creativity and a good teamwork.

How do Simployer work to be the

best employer?

In future, we will write articles about how we work with employment, well-being and development. Take a look at what we have written so far to get to know us better as an employer. 

Our values

Simployer’ s values are present in everything we do

We who work here are genuinely interested in what we do and are open and supportive in meeting with both colleagues and customers. We are always looking for new knowledge and expertise that will enable us to perform even better. We are curious and dare to challenge ourselves and our customers to move forward towards new goals.