Vigleik Takle will take Simployer to the world market

On March 1, Vigleik Takle took over as the role of new CEO of Simployer, one of Scandinavia's leading companies in HRM systems. - Considering the pandemic, the HR market is now in great development. Being able to lead Simployer on this journey is a dream job for me, says Takle. For over 30 years, Simployer has developed innovative solutions that both support and simplify the working day for managers and employees. Today, the company offers both HR software and personal HR support - all in one solution.
schedule Monday, April 11, 2022
Foto: Sveinung Bråthen

 Extensive experience from software

Vigleik Takle himself has extensive experience from leading software companies, and throughout his career he has worked with management, internationalization and commercialization of companies such as Volue, Kongsberg Digital and Cxense. Along the way, he has followed Simployer from the sidelines - with great interest.

- Simployer has great people and leading products, and has provided services to a number of great companies over many years. This, together with the development in the market, means that everything is in place to scale up in Europe now, says the new CEO of Simployer when Ferdmagasinet meets him in the company's brand-new Oslo office.

100 new Simployer talents in one year

Currently, there is only one employee who has a permanent base in the beautiful new premises in central Oslo, but it will probably not last long. The office in Oslo is often used as a meeting arena from the other five Simployer offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Gdansk, Kristiansund and Sarpsborg.

- This year's headhunt budget is large, Takle states and looks around the newly renovated and state-of-the-art premises in Torggata. Several excited Simployer employees visit the premises along the way to greet the new manager and check out the facilities.

- It's so nice to see people again!

Takle greets new colleagues, takes time to chat by the coffee machine and walks over to the window to see the bustling city life in the street below.

- I will probably be here a lot in the future, he smiles.

He continues and says that the goal is to have around twenty Simployer employees at the Oslo office by the end of the year. In Norway and Sweden, the goal is to hire around a hundred new tech heads by 2022, in addition to the more than three hundred employees  already in place. In short, the doors are open for new talents!

To "staff up” is necessary when the company is now to be taken out to several countries. At the same time, the new CEO emphasizes that the company must spend time adapting to the various markets.

- You must find your spearhead - what makes people choose us in the international market. It's a job we are taking on these days.

Foto: Sveinung Bråthen

The HR market is changing

Throughout the pandemic, it became clear that many leaders were challenged on how to follow up their people when the meetings between people were limited to home offices and occasional team meetings. It was all about having the tools in order to make this work.

- Software for HR is becoming even more important. Whilst HR was previously seen as an administrative process, we now see that companies do value HR as a business-critical function.

It is now, to a much greater extent, all about the people - everything from recruitment and onboarding, to development and feedback, he elaborates.

Over many years, Simployer has both acquired companies that complement Simployer's other solutions and strengthened itself on ESG responsibility - both as a reporting tool in its solutions and for themselves as a company.

- This is incredibly important to be a competitive player in this day and age, explains Takle who further emphasizes that adaptability will be central when the company now will target their solutions beyond Scandinavia's borders.

HRM technology for different management philosophies

The leadership role has developed steadily over many years. While here in Norway it is flat structure, high trust and agile methods that have a high standing, other values ​​may apply in different parts of the world. This does not significantly upset the new Simployer CEO.

- The Nordic leadership philosophy does not fit everywhere, but human psychology applies all over the world. At the same time, the world is becoming more dynamic. For managers, it is of great importance to be able to take care of their employees, regardless of where in the world they are, explains Takle, who is in good faith that Simployer will be able to play an even bigger role in this development.

- Simployer will become a leading player in Europe. It will take time, but I hope and do believe that we can reach out into a larger market fairly quickly, Takle continues. And he is truly looking forward to taking on the task.

- But first we will find the good groove in the work again, which most companies are looking forward to these days. We will meet, find the glow and have fun at work again. I am personally looking forward to that, says Vigleik Takle.

This story was first published in Ferdmagasinet - a publication produced by Simployer’s majority owner Ferd.