How do we do the recruitment process in Simployer?

Employer Branding is an important issue for every company these days, and it is important to have a good reputation as an employer of choice in the market. We need to prove to potential candidates, through our own employees, that we are an awesome place to work.
Wednesday, March 15, 2023

By Karolina Wolf og Ann-Kristin Irgens (Talent Acquisition Managers)


In Simployer, we firmly believe that great people attract great people, and we are confident that this belief will result in the right candidates applying for a future position in Simployer.   

Attract candidates with a good job advertisement

A well-written job advertisement is really important in attracting qualified candidates. In our job ads we communicate:

  • Areas of responsibility
  • Needed qualifications
  • What you can expect in regard to our working culture
  • Why you should choose Simployer as your next employer

Overall, a well-written job advertisement is a critical component of a successful recruitment process, helping to attract qualified candidates, build our company's brand, and set clear expectations for the role and the company.

Showcase your business on multiple channels

We experience that most candidates take the time to search online for more information about Simployer before applying. When visiting our websites candidates will find information about our company, both from a customer perspective and as a potential new employee.

Where else will potential candidates search for information? Usually SOME-channels In Simployer we are on Instagram, @lifeatsimployer, and here we give a ”glance behind the scenes”. Here we aim to show what a typical day at work is from all areas of the business.

Stages in our recruitment process

One of the great possibilities to get to know a potential future employee is in the recruitment process. In Simployer our goal is to be consistent, and we apply the same steps in all our processes. Sometimes there is a need for deviation, but it’s generally an exeception and not the rule. Our stages:

Short screening

We call the actual candidates to clear out important questions or uncertainties before inviting them for the first interview. When we make an appointment for a 1st interview with candidates, we also send personality and logical tests for them to be accomplished ahead. Our provider of these tests is Alva Labs. The purpose of using these 2 tests is to evaluate the candidate's potential in an objective and accurate way. 

What do they measure:

  • Logical ability test measures in general decision-making quality, how you handle lots of unstructured information and the ability of the candidate to learn new things and skills.
  • Personality tests measure behaviour that reflects our natural tendencies.

What is it that we assess in candidates in the recruitment process  

  • We want to understand what knowledge and experience the candidates have now
  • What skills and behaviors candidates has and prefers
  • What potential the candidates has for growth in Simployer

1st Interview

In this interview the candidate meets our Talent Acquisiton Manager and the recruiting manager for this position. We give a short introduction of the company, the role and the team. The candidate gives a short introduction of him- or herself, and we then continue with a competence-based interview based on mapped competencies that are important for success in the position. After finalizing the first round of interviews all candidates are evaluated, and here we emphasize on the role fit, the test scores and the performance in the interview.

2nd Interview

In this interview we have different approaches depending of the position we are recruiting for. For tech positions, we emphasize on technical skill. We then conduct a technical interview or a code test with the candidate. For other positions there will be a practical test consisting of solving and presenting a case.

In this interview the candidate meets the manager of this position in addition to another one from the department.

Meet and greet

The manager often invites the candidate for a coffee with other team members as a final step in the process. The purpose of this is to have an informal meeting where both the candidate and members of the team can ask each other questions related to the role, the team, culture, way of work and so forth.

We believe this step is important for both parties as it is an opportunity to assess cultural fit, role fit and address any possible concerns. Getting this information is valuable in order to be able to make a more informed decision whether to start in Simployer, or for us to assess if the candidate is the right fit for the role in the company.

Feedback to candidates

When we evaluate candidates during the processes, it’s important to acknowledge the effort made by applicants. Not all candidates will get the opportunity to present themselves in a 1st interview or go on to the 2nd interview. Our goal is to give these candidates feedback about this as soon as possible. Such feedback is not something we do lightly well knowing about the excitement the candidates have when applying for a role with us. We aim to give proper feedback as we want all our applicants to feel appreciated and be treated fairly.  

Despite the disappointment of a rejection, there is a chance that candidates will retain a positive impression of our company if we do our recruitment processes properly and with respect to our applicants. If applicants feel appreciated for the effort made by applying for a position at Simployer, they might talk about us in a positive way out there and might apply for a job in our company later on. That’s good employer branding.

Our ultimate goal is to always create a good candidate experience for any individual who decides to apply for a role with Simployer.

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