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We offer a complete solution for your employees through decision management, HR software, support and education. With Simployer, you will always have the latest information at your fingertips - whether it's about current laws and legislation, rules or challenges regarding management, salary or accounting.

Our complete suite of HRM software will let you manage and evolve your most valuable assets - your employees.


350+ employees


480 mill NOK


1.2+ mill


30+ years

About Simployer Group

Our founder was self-employed and realised first-hand how difficult it was to be an employer and comply with ever changing body of laws. The basic idea of ​​making it easier to be a great employer was established from the outset.

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Products & services

We offer a holistic experience throughout the entire employee journey. Support in people management through our software, plus valuable learning programmes and personal support from our legal teams.

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