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Engagement is the key to a thriving business

Our platform helps organizations understand their employees, keep them engaged, and drive everyone toward better performance.

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Our solutions cater to various stages of the employee journey and let you manage and evolve your most valuable assets - your employees.

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Simployer &frankly:

We have a team in India that has over a 90 percent response rate. We ask questions every month. The Indian team finds it fantastic that there is only a mobile app, so it's super easy to respond. It's almost a bit like gamification, instead of something boring like multiple choice with 70 questions. The system is sleek, and it actually matters in terms of usage
Jakob Lunøe CEO, Delogue AS (Denmark)

Our founder was self-employed and realised first-hand how difficult it was to be an employer and comply with ever changing body of laws. The basic idea of ​​making it easier to be a great employer was established from the outset.

We offer a holistic experience throughout the entire employee journey. Support in people management through our software, plus valuable learning programmes and personal support from our legal teams.