In Simployer we believe that activity and creativity challenge and builds good relationships and form good teams. Our values ​​are personal, competent and innovative. Through our sponsorship, we want to support projects and associations that share our values.

We sponsor heroes - big and small, with a focus on local affiliation and growth.
Cornelia Bjørke-Hill Head of Group Communications and PR 
Want to see Edvald Boasson Hagen operate in an office? Watch this video from our sponsorship of the UCI Road World Championship in Bergen 2017.
Can tech nerds defeat professional footbal players? Watch our tech heros in Simployer give the pro's in Sarsborg 08 a real fight for the price. This was before the name change from Infotjenester to Simployer.

Criteria for sponsorships


We receive daily inquiries about sponsorship cooperation and sponsorship contributions. Although most of these are good projects that we would like to support, we cannot do it all. Following our sponsorship strategy, we have entered into larger and long-term cooperation agreements with selected partners and we primarily contribute in the areas where we have offices.

This is where you apply

For the application to be processed, it must be submitted through our sponsorship portal (see form below), and not directly to employees of the Simployer group.

  • We distribute funds twice a year. February and October.
  • Those who are allocated funds will be contacted regarding this.