Simployer expands group management and strengthens communications

The HR-tech company Simployer strengthens the group management by investing in communications. Simployer's CEO, Thorfinn Hansen, says that Simployer believes that communication is a subject area that must be given greater strategic weight. 
Cornelia Bjørke-HillHead of Group Communications and PR
Tuesday, August 24, 2021
- By recruiting Cornelia Bjørke-Hill as our new Head of Group Communications & PR to our Group Management team, we show that we take the subject of communication very seriously. Simployer has worked in the HR field for many years. We have experienced how HR has had to spend a long time getting the place it deserves from employers. It is on time that communication is also invested and worked on at a strategic level, says Hansen. 

Simployer believes that a leader who does not take communication externally and internally in all seriousness will be able to lose control of the market and struggle to attract and retain the talents needed to succeed in creating customer success. In the mix of professional competence that will bring about this, we believe that the communication subject will be an important ingredient. 

- Cornelia has a long career in journalism from, among others, NRK, Radio Norge, TV2 and TVNorge. For several years as Communications Manager, she has worked hard to ensure that Simployer succeeds precisely with knowledge of the market and attraction value as an employer. She will strengthen this effort through her new role, Hansen emphasizes. 

Cornelia takes the step up from communications manager and will be part of the group management from the first of September. 

- I am proud to work in a company that sees the benefits and the need for strategic communication both internally and externally and I look forward to being part of the journey further as part of Group Management, says Bjørke-Hill. 

Simployer Group AS is one of Scandinavia's largest SaaS companies. The company has for over 35 years played a market-leading role in HR solutions and has both in Sweden and Norway expert services related to law, personnel, and finance from an employer's perspective. The company has a clear strategy for strong growth in Northern Europe through a holistic and attractive offer to the market.