Missions & values

We provide great and groundbreaking products empowering employers to create great workplaces and develop their organisations optimally.

By being innovative and using the the best available technology we will continually develop products in the field of HR and related areas that efficiently combine user-friendliness and local professional knowledge.

We have created a common core story to ensure our costumers and employees are united on what we are and what we do.

We make it easy to be a great employer

Simployer offers simplifying solutions that, in a seamless, simple and understandable way, make it easy to be a great employer. Managers who want to lead better – by inspiring, engaging and developing their employees – choose our solutions.

We live to shape a better working life – for everyone. Our simplifying solutions are empowering. They give every individual greater opportunity to realize their potential, regardless of whether they are an employer or an employee. By devoting ourselves to help employers be great, we enable employees to reach their potential. Simple, really!

A mutual passion for people and innovation

When great employers make good choices for their employees, it benefits all of us. It means that our society gets more out of its greatest resource; its people. When we make it easy to be a great employer, we strengthen the position of the individual manager, business, market, and society. Our work has value that cannot be measured only by numbers.

We are Simployees. A family, united by a mutual passion for people and innovation. We live the brand, have a strong drive and a burning desire to succeed – together. Our main asset is our people. Thriving at work provides both professional and personal development. It is a prerequisite for our success, translating into high profitability and satisfied clients.

In Simployer, there should always be room to dream big. It gives us the opportunity to fail fast and try again – ensuring that we always deliver stellar services to our clients.

Always one step ahead

For almost four decades we have had the same vision; to help our clients do better by simplifying being a great employer. To fulfill said vision, we tackle challenges head-on with keen adaptability. We must continuously adapt to the developments of a rapidly changing and competitive world. As a renowned thought leader, we are a first mover. Always one step ahead.

Now, we embark upon a new journey. Northern Europe will be our new frontier in our devoted work to make it easy to be a great employer. We have all the qualities we need to succeed, but most important of all; we have a passion for people.

The Simployer values


We are interested, open and supportive, both with customers and each other.


We always seek new expertise to have the ability to use competence as a competetive advantage.


We are curious, challenging and courageous.